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In our constant efforts in making Pre-need account management easier for Funeral Directors, Interment Trust Services offers several solutions to choose from.


Interment Trust Services will invest your Pre-Need account assets in conservative investments in accordance with all state regulations. This allows you the comfort of knowing that your principle is secure.


Interment Trust Services Web Access
– online account status program

Obtain daily reports for your Pre-Need accounts with Interment Trust Services Web Access, a unique online account status program. Web Access offers you daily detailed account reports including account balances and status.


Processing Claims Daily

Interment Trust Services processes death claims each business day.


Interest Earned

Your accounts earn compound interest every day until the date the money is withdrawn.


Tax Reporting

We can manage both Revocable Trust accounts and Irrevocable Trust accounts. For Revocable Trusts, we provide annual 1099 forms. For Irrevocable Trusts, we can prepare your tax documents and arrange to pay any taxes due from the trust account for you. This saves you the time and expense of working with a third-party accountant.


Accounting Services

Interment Trust Services offers extensive accounting services on Pre-Need accounts including detailed monthly reports, notification of deposits, customizable state reports and year end transaction journals.


Record Keeping

While Interment Trust Services provides a full turn-key operation, we can also work with your current bank or investment professional and provide you with full service record keeping.
Learn more about ITS Record Keeping services  »

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